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  • High Efficiency Gear Reduction Units with latest Design,  which gives maximum torque at the blades with same connected HP.
  • Blades are single piece Design with high tensile strength,anti-abbration, anti-corrosion properties.
  • Chamber tilting with simple Hyd. cylinder arrangement.
  • Hydraulic constant lid pressure automatic floating arrangement.
MODEL KTH015 KTH025 KTH035 KTH055 KTH075
Typical Batch Cap. Kg 15 25 35 55 75
Rotar Speed    Front RPM 32 32 32 36 32
                        Rear RPM 24 24 24 28 24
Electric Motor HP 25+3 40+5 60+5 100+7.5 120+7.5
Discharge Tilt angle Deg 140 140 140 130 130



  1. ‘Plus-One’ Presses are of four pillar type, designed with ground & hard chrome plated pillars, giving precise pressing movement of platens, which enables to use secured moulds in the presses, hence no need to take mould out of the press every time, ensuring minimum heat loss.  Moulds are opened by press itself, so as to increase mould-life and accuracy, resulting in to minimum flash.
  2. ‘Plus-One’ moulding presses are controlled by dedicated programmable logic controller. Being solid-state circuitry, it is more reliable and gives trouble-free-service with choice to decide any sequence of operation.
  3. In ‘Plus-One’ Moulding presses Number of breathings, breathing duration, curing time, etc are programmed by PLC, which can be locked with key, hence alteration in the cycle is not possible by unauthorized person, which ensures quality of products, particularly in the night shifts.
  4. Hydraulic System is designed with latest features like-All solenoid valves are operated with 24 volts DC supply which improves solenoid life and working.  During curing period, electric motor stops but when pressure drops below certain valve, it automatically starts and maintains the pressure, causing less strain to hydraulic system. Thus less electricity consumption, less noise-pollution, less wear and tear of pumping unit, but it provided constant curing pressure.  Vertical submersible pumping unit, manifold mounted cartridge valves, continues filtering of oil.
  5. Hydraulic Cylinder is double acting type manufactured from forged steel bars precision machined, honed and assembled with latest Polyurethane / Bronze filled Teflon Seals, which gives all the movement of press under precise command of PLC including breathing or de-airing cycle.   In contrast to single acting cylinder design where return is by gravity which means, moulds-opening, de-airing etc are not under control.
  6. ‘Plus-One’ Moulding presses are assembled on one base, compact packaged unit, hence one can start the machine immediately at site after filling oil and giving electric supply only. No assembling or erection time required.
  7. ‘Plus-One’ Moulding Presses top and bottom frames are assembled with hydraulic stretched tie-rods, which ensure no vibrations during working, no loosening of nuts as stretching  of tie-rods (pillars) is done at 30% higher tonnage than that of rated tonnage of press.
  8. ‘Plus-One’ presses are designed as per ISI guidelines, hence standard seals, bushes can be used.
  9. Presses are designed on the basis of deflection of the parts, hence pillars, frames are quite rigid as compared to other brands, giving precision accuracies.


  • Single or multi-daylight design with precision-guided platens.
  • Electric or Thermic Fluid or Steam heated platens with PID / Time proportional Temperature Controllers.
  • Single of Battery of Presses operated with common hyd. Power pack, suitable for hand lever / push button operation with PLC.
MODEL   RMP040 RMP050 RMP063 RMP100 RMP160
Capacity Tonnes 40 50 63 100 160
Platen Size mm x mm 300×300 300×300 360×360 400×400 500×500
Platen Temp. Max0 C 200 200 200 200 200
Daylight mm 200 250 250 250 315
Stroke mm 200 250 250 250 315
Electric Motor HP 2 2 3 5 7.5
Oil Tank Cap Litres 260 260 260 325 325


  • Single daylight precision-guided platens having Electric / Steam / Thermic fluid heating with PLC Control Panel.
  • Robust, reliable design having Horizontal Slide-out with automatic side and central outside ejection.
  • Most suitable for moulding Solid tyres, Rubber rollers, Metal bonded components, etc where loading unloading of components is critical.
MODEL   RMS063 RMS100 RMS160 RMS200 RMS300
Capacity Tonnes 63 100 160 200 300
Platen Size mm x mm 360×360 400×400 500×500 630×630 800×800
Platen Temp. Max0 C 200 200 200 200 200
Daylight mm 250 250 315 315 315
Stroke mm 250 250 315 315 315
Electric Motor HP 3 5 7.5 7.5 7.5
Oil Tank Cap Litres 260 325 325 325 325



`Plus-One’ make `Precision Rubber Components – Vacuum Moulding Machines’ improves moulding process capability as the rubber moulding operation is carried out in vacuum. Hence, it is useful for seals, valve seats and other precision rubber moulded components, where quality with mass production is required. This machine cost is effective, reliable and easy to operate and maintain.                


  • The core design concept of this machine is to vacuumise the complete Hyd. Press, so as to use normal moulding  dies in this machine and ejection of the components is automatic by taking mould outside the press using  sequenced sliding table arrangement.
  • Ensures good finish of the rubber components as the moulding and curing operation is done in the vacuum,where the chamber vacuum tight and moulding in the vacuum gives products without any air trapped inside the components. Improves process capability.
  • Fully automatic PLC operated Machine with minimum maintenance as solid state circuitry.Temperature control, curing time, de-gasing, sliding-mould out and ejection, all these operations are PLC based automatic, hence no manual element of control.
  • Common moulds used in normal compression moulding machine can be used in this machine. No Special moulds  are required.


  • Pillar type machines, with precision platen movements.
  • Suitable for Plate moulds with automatic ejection arrangement.
  • PLC operated control system with MMI display.
  • Suitable for metal bonded components, engine mountings, bellows etc.
MODEL   RMV063 RMV100 RMV125 RMV160 RMV200
Capacity Tonnes 63 100 125 160 200
Platen Size mm x mm 360×360 400×400 450×450 500×500 560×560
Platen Temp. Max0 C 200 200 200 200 200
Daylight mm 250 250 250 315 315
Stroke mm 250 250 250 315 315
Electric Motor HP 3+2 5+2 5+2 7.5+3 7.5+3
Oil Tank Cap Litres 260 325 325 325 325


  • High efficiency individual roll drive suitable for push button operation.
  • Frame withhardened guide ways and antifriction back lash free screw arrangement for Nip adjustment manually operated.
  • Individual high efficiency Electric motor, direct coupled to planetary gear reduction to each roll.
  • Mill Pan – S. S. removable front tray below the rolls. Chest Operated Safety guard arrangement.
MODEL   MMP-150 MMP-200 MMP-250 MMP-300 MMP-360
Roll Size Dia       mm 150 200 250 300 360
  Length mm 330 500 600 750 900
Roll Speed Front    RPM 20 18 18 18  15 
                 Rear     RPM 25 22 22 22 18
Drive Motor HP 10 10 15 20 30

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